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Choosing your child's early childhood education is one of the most critical decisions a parent can make. Whether it's early on or later, researching your options is always valuable. Luckily, Bloomfield Hills Schools offers three Bloomin' Preschools in Oakland County.

At our preschools, we prioritize a child-centered approach and utilize the Creative Curriculum method of teaching. Our aim is to create supportive and engaging environments where students can thrive. We strongly believe in open communication with families and encourage a passion for learning, a sense of accomplishment, and the excitement of exploration.

What is Creative Curriculum?

The Creative Curriculum is based on research and best practices in early childhood education and is widely used in preschools, childcare centers, and pre-kindergarten programs across the United States. It is designed to promote the holistic development of young children, focusing on their social-emotional, cognitive, physical, and language skills.

Key features of the Creative Curriculum include:

  1. Child-Centered Approach: The curriculum recognizes the importance of tailoring the learning experiences to meet the individual needs, interests, and developmental levels of each child. It aims to create a flexible and responsive learning environment that supports children's unique learning styles.

  2. Play-Based Learning: Play is central to the Creative Curriculum. It is through play that children actively explore and make sense of the world around them. The curriculum incorporates purposeful play as a means to engage children in meaningful learning experiences.

  3. Hands-On Learning: The Creative Curriculum emphasizes hands-on, experiential learning opportunities. Children are encouraged to interact with their environment, manipulate objects, and engage in activities that promote exploration and discovery.

  4. Learning through Exploration: The curriculum values children's natural curiosity and encourages them to explore topics and concepts of interest. Teachers facilitate this exploration by providing resources and materials that support learning across various domains.

  5. Family Involvement: The Creative Curriculum recognizes the vital role of families in a child's education. It encourages open communication between teachers and families, involving parents in their child's learning process and promoting a collaborative approach to education.

  6. Assessment and Planning: The curriculum incorporates ongoing assessment of children's progress and development to inform instructional planning. Teachers use observations and documentation to better understand each child's strengths and areas for growth, adapting their teaching strategies accordingly.

  7. Preschool Student-Driven Studies: In our classrooms, studies are chosen based on scientific and social studies themes. Teachers then construct lesson plans centered around these engaging topics, seamlessly integrating math and literacy skills. This cross-curricular approach spans 6-8 weeks, fostering deep exploration. These studies also create connections to the community, culminating in exciting culminating activities that showcase the students' learning journey.

The Creative Curriculum aligns with early learning standards and is designed to prepare young children for kindergarten and beyond. By providing a well-rounded and developmentally appropriate learning experience, it aims to foster a love of learning and a strong foundation for future academic success.

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